Right Solution and Reasonable Price

I have a bunch of pavers on my terrace that I like to clean once a year after winter. This year, I had too much to do and wasn't feeling up to the task so I called Chores & More to help. After explaining what I wanted, Chores & More come up with the right solution and a reasonable price. My terrace now looks great and I'll be using them next year again for sure.

Mark B.

Knowledgeable and Meticulous

Chores & More are knowledgeable, meticulous, and explain what they will do and then do it. Case in point, I had a bunch of small paint touch up and molding trim fixes I wanted done but had no idea how to do them myself. Chores & More came in and fixed everything as I expected and it looks great! Don't know why I waited so long.

Jean L.

Peace of Mind

We recently had a friend and her cat staying at our house while we were out of the country. While our friend cleaned the house fairly well, my hubby is mildly allergic to cats so we really wanted a thorough cleaning before moving back in. Chores & More really helped us out with a good cleaning and gave us peace of mind moving back in with no allergies!

Steven G.

A+ Rating

I have used Chores and More services for weekly cleanings. I am very satisfied with all the results. Also their handyman services proved helpful in my older home. I give them an A+ rating.

Oliver J.

Highly Recommend

I've had Sandy cleaning for me for 30 years or so very reliable, thorough, affordable service -
Would highly recommend.
Ed B

Great for odd jobs and carpentry projects

We have a utility sink in our garage and wanted a workbench area near it with some simple cabinetry next to it for projects. I phoned Chores & More, they came over and took a look and then proposed a good solution. After they finished, I was very pleased. I now have a much more functional and well-constructed work area in my garage. Chores & More is great for for small odd jobs and light carpentry projects you might have.
Howard S.

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